The unmissable safety box


Product introduction
Everyone always has something in their life that they want to collect and don't want others to know, especially those around them. When I was a child, I saw a delicate book, a pencil sharpener, a fine pen, a nice stationery box, a variety of favorite toys, especially diaries, letters (elementary school, junior high school, university wrote hundreds of letters are still collected) always want to find a gap to plug in, and so no one quietly take out some play, as if it is a rare treasure, others can not take a look, let alone touch, simply to kill. Now that you are an adult, many things in the heart no longer have the weight of the past, the existence or non-existence is no longer important. But there are new things that you want to treasure, such as various documents, contracts and so on.

This box is drop-resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, a certain degree of fireproof function, used to place many supplies is more appropriate, now most people home safe, valuable items are put inside. It is more suitable to put not particularly valuable and want to treasure a long time things, or simply the whole into a form of storage box. Compared to other boxes, its skin-friendly texture is really comfortable, the damping sense of the switch is very comfortable, the inner village can be customized. Can be loaded with straps, larger can be loaded with a shoulder strap, into the form of a duffel bag.

Application scenarios
This case is mainly suitable for people who have a variety of collectibles, recommend it, I most want to use to put a variety of certificates, because I live in a relatively damp place, a variety of certificates are going to mold, and then add a lock.

1. With a very strong protective function of the storage box, used to put socks or something is a bit of a waste.

2. As a file organizer, placing documents and certificates and so on, such as account books, birth certificates, diplomas, skills certificates and other documents, real estate certificates or put in the safe.

3. When the drone protection box, lens protection box, SLR protection box.

4. As a collection organizer, placing collectibles, jewelry.

5. Medical boxes, cosmetics, especially families with children, put all the things to the box, quite refreshing, and will not forget a variety of things.

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