Six Characteristics of the Security Box for the Three Armies


Features of the security box of the Third Army

1. Sealing and waterproof

Aviation grade O-ring, anti-aging, durable elasticity, excellent performance (EPDM). Solid structure, to avoid low-temperature embrittlement, - 50 ° can still maintain resilience and ensure sealing. The grooves around the box cover are embedded with O-ring seals. When the box is closed, it will close with the grooves around the box, so as to prevent moisture or dust from entering. There is no problem when you throw your box into the water. We guarantee that your goods are safe and dry.

2. The box is super strong and solid

PP modified engineering plastics

3. The fluidity and molding shrinkage can be adjusted according to the product requirements

Using high-quality raw materials in the world, it is not only lighter than other manufacturers' products, but also more durable and pressure resistant. At the same time, there are two prominent edges on the surface of the box, which are the unique marks of our products,

The structural stiffeners enhance the strength of the box, facilitate drilling and fixing, and make the box stacking easier and more stable.

3 New concept of silent latch

Sand proof lock catch, easy to open and close, not affected by sediment. It is easy to clean the sand or soil mixed with the lock catch, so as not to prevent the lock catch from closing. This kind of lock catch has strong bearing pressure and will not spring off when it falls

It is far more solid than the traditional spring lock, and is a very solid lock. Moreover, this lock has the function of silent opening and closing, which can better meet the requirements of military and other marching operations.

4. Double protection with built-in sponge

N-type withdrawable sponge, which is pre cut to form square column, is convenient to form any desired pattern (PU polyurethane). The sponge pad is used for shock absorption and protection. We cut the sponge pad into small cubes in advance,

You can pick out the small squares on the sponge pad according to the size of the items, and then put the items in the sponge pad to fix them in the sponge pad, so that any external impact force will be resolved by the case shell and the sponge.

Of course, you can also tell us the size of your object or send us the sample of the object, and we will customize the appropriate sponge pad for you according to the size data.

5. Automatic balance of internal and external pressure difference

Breathing valve, waterproof and dust-proof automatic gas balance valve, waterproof and at the same time, balance the air pressure inside and outside the box at any time. The change of altitude and temperature will cause the difference of air pressure inside and outside the box,

As a result, the box can not be opened or broken. There is a black button type pressure balance valve in front of each type of safety box. This valve is made of waterproof and breathable membrane,

Gas molecules can freely pass through the membrane, while water molecules cannot enter. When the air pressure inside and outside the box is different, the gas molecules can move freely to compensate the pressure difference,

So that the safety box can be easily opened under any conditions, and keep the box dry and clean.

6. Box handle

Ergonomically designed wide handle, double-layer material, soft and comfortable rubber pad, suitable for long-distance carrying

7. Easy to drag

Nylon polyurethane widened roller equipped with stainless steel ball double bearing, double layer material has mute function and increases bearing capacity, which can be used for a longer time, and the extension pull rod can be pulled more smoothly.

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