The five elements of buy a protection case!


In recent years, protection cases have been widely used in military police, photography, medical and other fields. At present, the materials of protection cases are mainly ABS plastic and modified PP engineering plastic, which are widely used. But compared with the two, ABS plastic is hard in the sense, lack of enough elasticity, very brittle, so in the protection performance is not as good as PP engineering plastics. PP engineering plastics improve the performance of flame retardant, strength, impact resistance, toughness, etc., is the superior material for the production of protection cases. Of course, the cost of PP material will be relatively high, but its wear resistance, fall resistance, low temperature resistance is accepted by more people.

Because there are too many protection cases on the market, dazzling, and the price is also uneven. Here I will take you to see how to choose a suitable protection cases for you:

1. Size

protection cases is generally pp plastic by injection molding machine one-time injection molding, its size is fixed, when choosing must first see whether the size is appropriate.
2. Material

The material of protection cases is pp plastic as the best, hurricane protection cases, by modified PP alloy injection molding, strong pressure resistance, low temperature resistance -40℃, can be used in the environment of -20℃ ~ 60℃ for a long time. It has been widely used in instruments, meters, military police, fire and other fields. It is an ideal professional protection cases for storing valuable instruments and equipment.

3. Structure

The main body of the protection cases is connected by the bottom of the box and the cover with the whole hinge. The multiple parts are composed of the buckle, the handle, the sealing ring, the air valve and so on. The big protection cases also needs the pull rod, the ground wheel and so on.
4. Strength

The protection cases is made of the bottom of the case and the cover of the case with the whole hinge connected, and there are sealing rings in it, and then pressed together with the buckle. A good protection cases can be freely dropped from a height of 10 meters, the bottom of the case and the lid will not separate.

5, waterproof

Good protection cases at normal temperature and pressure, soaked in relatively deep water, its internal water will not penetrate, waterproof and dustproof grade is higher. Sealed waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof characteristics ensure that the instrument protection cases can protect the internal instrument for a long time even when it is rained or soaked.

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