How to choose the plastic fishing case and what kind of plastic fishing case practicability is high.


What should you pay attention to when you choose a plastic fishing case? First of all, I think it is the robustness, which is reflected in two aspects, one is the feeling of sitting on it, and the other is the feeling of using the accessories after installation.

If the firmness of the plastic fishing case is not enough, the box is relatively thin, the larger body weight will sit up there will be abnormal sound, the surface will sag. Also, when you install accessories, like brackets, the brackets will wobble when the wind is strong.

The second is to see the capacity is the size, the market is common plastic fishing case capacity is about 26L~40L, the larger the capacity may contain more things, the overall is more stable, but the disadvantage is inconvenient to carry, move things too tired, especially the fishing point is relatively remote need you to carry equipment walking, you will feel that small plastic fishing case is very good.

The box is easy to carry, but it's not stable, the umbrella can fall over in a gust of wind, and the small capacity means you can only fit a little fishing gear, maybe not even a float box.

Anyway,you can choose according to your own needs, but I'm just reminding you to pay attention to capacity.

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