How to strengthen the cover of the fishing trolley case?


The reinforcement method of the fishing rod box cover can be determined according to the specific situation. Here are several commonly used methods:

1. Use tape: You can use tape on the inside and outside of the cover for reinforcement to prevent the cover from being deformed or broken. It is recommended to choose durable tape with a certain thickness, such as strong tape, cloth tape, etc.

2. Add metal plates: If the lid of the fishing trolley case is cracked or deformed, you may consider adding metal plates to the inside and outside of the lid for reinforcement. Punch holes in the metal plate and secure the metal plate to the cover with screws.

3. Replace with stronger material: If the material of the fishing trolley case cover itself is not strong enough, you may consider replacing it with a stronger material for reinforcement. For example, changing the cover material from plastic to a durable material such as aluminum alloy.

4. Avoid placing heavy objects as much as possible: It is recommended not to place heavy objects in the fishing trolley case to avoid deformation or damage to the cover. If you need to carry heavier items, it is recommended to place them on the bottom and top of the trolley case respectively to reduce the pressure on the lid.

In short, the method of strengthening the cover of the fishing trolley case varies according to the situation, please take corresponding measures according to the specific situation. At the same time, try to avoid excessive pressure and beating on the trolley case in daily use to prolong its service life.

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