Do you know the six major application fields of the security protection box of the three military lines?


Shanghai Sanjunhang Safety Protection Box is committed to providing professional safety packaging and transportation services for many industries and fields. Its application industries include: and, petroleum and geological exploration, radio, photography and photography, medical industry, public safety, customer activities of end customers, fishing and shooting. The professional waterproof, anti vibration and other performances of the Sanjunxing safety protection box can protect the equipment from damage and make the user handy in the process of action.

The three armed forces are proud to supply military protective boxes. The design of the protective box of the three military lines fully considers the possibility of the product being used in the harsh environment of strong pressure and high impact, and the strict waterproof, anti vibration and other properties greatly protect the weapons and equipment.

The equipment used in the oil and location exploration industry has high accuracy and sensitivity. Any minor damage may lead to the failure of exploration work, or waste a lot of time to repair and replace parts. The solid structure of the protective box of the three armies can ensure the safety of the equipment even under the harsh exploration conditions.

The creative design of Sanjunxing has won the favor of professional photographers. High toughness, light weight, with pre cut sponge, can manually make suitable packaging for various photographic equipment. Photographers can enjoy the pleasure of shooting at will.

The excellent reliability of the armed forces is the best choice for the public security industry. The equipment of fire fighting, first aid vehicles and other first-aid service institutions can safely arrive at the site under the protection of the three military protection boxes.

Outdoor sports enthusiasts pay special attention to protecting expensive cameras, satellite phones, GPS, smartphones, etc. The lightweight, multi size, fashionable shape of the three military protection box from small to medium-sized, can avoid the impact of outdoor enthusiasts' equipment and the inconvenience of rain. The three army tours are good companions for outdoor hiking or sightseeing.

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